Increase in Air Passenger Duty

Tougher Air Taxes to come

June 2010

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More increases are likely in Air Passenger Duty in November. The Treasury is planning a rise in the total amount from £1.9 billion in the air travel tax this year to £3.8 billion in 2014/15.

Existing rises in Air Passenger Duty will come into force in November as an example a family holiday to the US will mean an increase in taxes from £200 to £300 in taxes alone. The new increase will be expected to add much more to holidays as the Government consider switching the tax from per plane to per passenger.

The Government is keen to be seen to support taxes on air travel to ensure that Britain meets its carbon reductions Michelle di Lelo the spokesman for Flying Matters, an aviation lobby group said “We fear that there is a secret aviation tax bombshell hidden in the figures and any family looking to fly on holiday will have to pay the price.”

A spokesman for Friends of the Earth said, “We need to build a green economy to guarantee a safe and prosperous UK – but the Chancellor has failed to take the bold decisions we so urgently neeed.”

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